LegEX - Leg trainer with remote control

This handy leg trainer keeps your muscles active without it costing you any effort. Train from your chair or workplace, whenever you want!

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  • Keeps the muscles active without costing you energy
  • Quick and easy to use from your chair or from your workplace
  • 3 different speeds, suitable for everyone
  • Includes remote control and manual

Train legs without effort

Do you want to keep your muscles flexible and moving, without it costing you any effort? That is now possible with the LegEX leg trainer! This cardio machine is designed to keep your leg muscles active without having to move yourself. It is therefore ideal for people who are less mobile. This is because the device boosts a quiet walk while you are sitting on the couch or working at your desk. This way you keep your muscles active without it costing a lot of energy, super handy!

Leg trainer with remote control

This leg trainer has two motorized foot pedals that slide back and forth continuously. This makes your legs move in the same way as when you walk. The difference, however, is that you can simply use the LegEX from your lazy chair or from the couch. You put your feet on the pedals, and the LegEX does the work for you! Moreover, you can easily control the device with the supplied remote control.

The LegEX leg trainer is suitable for anyone who likes to keep their muscles active, and is especially suitable for people who are less mobile.

The supplier of the LegEx is the B2B portal of wholesaler Orange Planet. We are the supplier of this handy cardio device. The electric leg trainer with remote control can be purchased from us.

Technical specifications

Weight KG 4.600000
Product Label BESTSELLER
Color White
Brand BioEnergiser
EAN 8719128643915
Size product (LxWxH) 20x45,5x38
Size outer box (LxWxH) 41,5x39,5x47
Pieces a master carton 2
Pieces a pallet 36
Article code LEX002
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