Massage & Foam rollers

With these massage and foam rollers, you can easily give yourself a good massage to your muscles at home. It can also be used during the warm-up before a workout, or to calm your muscles after a workout. Super handy and so nice!

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Massage and foam rollers

A massage roller is a foam-like roller with a flat or machined structure that you can use to massage yourself. Foam rolling is part of self myofascial realease, which is a way to reduce muscle tension in the body. That is why it is important that you have a good foam roller. A massage roller of about thirty centimeters long and a diameter of twenty centimeters is often enough. In addition, the hardness is also important. Fortunately, we have plenty of massage and foam rollers in different shapes and sizes in our range. So you can choose which one suits you best.

The rollers in use

It is best to use the massage and foam rollers roller by rolling it over your muscle knots. This allows you to determine how much pressure you put on the muscle. This way you can relax your muscles and connective tissue. But just like a sports massage, it is often not a painless massage. That is why it is important to relax your muscles well and not to go over your own pain threshold. Fortunately, the pain will go away as soon as you take the pressure off your muscles. Please note that you only use the roller for recovery and not for injuries.

The pluses

There are many advantages to these massage and foam rollers. They ensure better blood flow to your muscles and a better and faster removal of waste. You also have less pain around trigger points, which ensures less stiff and tired muscles. So also less muscle pain. Such a massage at home has so many benefits!

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