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Mr. Siga Mop

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Mr. Siga Mop

Código de artículo: IMP001

Cleaning is a chore most of us don’t really like. But yet we do it, because we want our house to be clean. Cleaning: it’s never gonna be more fun, but from now on it does become much easier! The Mr. Siga Mop cleans your house easy ánd fast.

With the Mr. Siga Mop you can vacuum and mop simultaneously. The nozzle is located at the front of the Mop and the microfiber mop is located at the back. This way the Mr. Siga Mop first vacuums the floor and then immediately mops it. Dust and stains disappear in just the blink of an eye!

And if you think vacuuming and mopping is all the Mr. Siga Mop has got, you are wrong. This device comes with a multifunctional brush head that is designed for cleaning ceiling dust, shelves or hard to reach places. And thanks to the ergonomic, wireless design of the Mr. Siga Mop it is easy to pick up and carry around the house.

Think about all the time you will save when you can combine vacuuming and mopping – what are you gonna use that time for?

The Mr. Siga Mop package contains:

• Mr. Siga Mop
• Brush head
• 2 washable microfiber mops
• 2 filters
• Charger
• User’s manual

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